Thursday, October 9, 2008


After completing my Certificate in Legal Practice, I chambered for 9 months in the law firm of Kuppusamy & Co- one of the law firms in the country dealing only with labour disputes.One of my duties while I was a "chamby" was to go to Court for mentions and sometimes sat with my Master takes notes while he was conducting the matter.At other times drafted the Statement of Facts.( My other duties as "required" by the Legal Profession Act was buying tea for him and pouring beer into his glass)

Suffice it to say that at this junction that Employer & Employee relations is deceptively simple.It can be dreadful when things go wrong between the employer and the employee and the employee decides to take his Boss to court.Sometimes what goes on in Court is something like a comedy show but at other times it is not.

I would like to say something to employers first-send your HR person for training from time to time.He is a very important person and he must not just acquianted with the law but must also be able to draft letters the legally acceptable way. Indeed, it is no exagerration to say that many disputes need not have gone to Court if only the HR personnel had known the legal consequences of the letter they draft. Writing a letter containing the following words- " Resign or I will sack you!!" can hardly be described as a man with the knowledge of the hiring and firing process.Such HR personnal cause the Company untold miseries.

All employees who apply for jobs are cautioned to be honest about their qualifications and their work exposure and experience.Ensure that what is stated in your C.V. corresponds to your actual abilities.An employee who has misrepresented himself in the C.V is bound to get the boots when the boss finds out his incompetence in due course.

I have endeavored to write on this site in a Question & Answer format but at other times I will write the heart of the matter.

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